Healing for Healers

30 - How do you know what is true?

November 11, 2021 Abby Wynne and Regina of the Land
Healing for Healers
30 - How do you know what is true?
Show Notes

When a client comes to you with a story around what is going on for them, is it true, or is it what they think is true? How does this influence you as healer?

In this episode, Abby and Regina bring their different perspectives into how to tell if something is true or not. We cover many different scenarios and have many suggestions that may help you in your own journey as a healer/caregiver, or simply as a human being trying to navigate the world today. We both hope that our ideas here inspire you, give you aha! moments, or trigger you into doing some more discovery for yourselves. We cover so much here you might need to listen twice! If there’s anything you’d like us to go deeper into, or anything that triggers you and you want to know more, then do get in touch via our email healingforhealerspodcast@gmail.com


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