Healing for Healers

44 - Guest Episode - Finding joy on the other side of pain - with Catherine Maguire

July 28, 2022 Abby Wynne and Regina of the Land
Healing for Healers
44 - Guest Episode - Finding joy on the other side of pain - with Catherine Maguire
Show Notes

Human beings thrive on stories, the story of who we are, and the story of where we came from. If we tell ourselves the story of our pain, then we stay in pain. It’s time to learn how to transform our stories, so that we can create something new and beautiful for the world. Catherine Maguire, Shaman and Soul Healer talks to me in this episode of healing for healers. She shares stories from her life as a farmer, to working in international television, to living the simple life. Truth, integrity and honesty is the key to healing, and Catherine's authenticity shines through in this amazing chat that we had. I really hope you enjoy this conversation, I know I did! 

About Catherine: Catherine was born and raised on a farm in Ireland which instilled in her a love of nature and a deep connection to the the earth and the cycles of life.

Her own healing journey involved a deep dive into shamanism, tantra, and the embodiment of the sacred feminine.  These interweaving paths took her home to her authentic self and helped her to balance her inner feminine and inner masculine energies.

Catherine is passionate about helping women reconnect to their creative sparkle (their essence) so that they can be the embodiment of their most authentic self.

She has worked with groups and individuals all around the world in places such as Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Germany, Russia, Australia, North America, Hawaii, Honduras, Argentina and Ghana. 

Catherine creates a safe, non-judgemental space for exploration and healing as well as bringing her wisdom, playfulness and sense of humour to the unfolding adventure that is life.

Originally from Ireland, Catherine now lives in southern Italy, where you will most likely find her hiking early in the mornings in the mountains with her dogs.

Website: www.thedivinemeridian.com

Monday Meditation; Catherine sends out a free MP3 downloadable meditation (almost) weekly. You can sign up to receive it here: https://www.thedivinemeridian.com/monday-meditation-signup

If you're a healer and want additional support, you can join Abby Wynne and Honey Golden's group, Lightworker Peer Support.